Vaquita brings together extraordinary people with companies that value them.

Because no one wants to be just another fish in the sea.

We’re here to help with personal, professional service.

Where Recruiting Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence 

Vaquita Intelligence specializes in attracting and recruiting Information Technology specialists across a variety of disciplines and industries, with an emerging emphasis on business intelligence. Clients can count on the Vaquita Intelligence team to attract, educate and onboard the elite talent needed to sustain and grow their business. Candidates can trust in our transparent, confidential and relational approach to their career quest.

Career satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you. Searching for mutual connections, we value the strategy, the process and the outcome equally. We won’t skip any steps or take any shortcuts to earn your trust and long-term partnership.

Business intelligence powers Vaquita’s search capabilities. Finding the elite candidate is a combination of data analytics, the Vaquita network, and perhaps most importantly, our personalized screening strategies.

Vaquita Intelligence and its network focus on Information Technology talent acquisition in the Business Intelligence, Financial Trading, Software Engineering and Networking space.

Whether you’re looking for a matchmaker, a talent advisor, or a data nerd, the Vaquita Intelligence network can help.