You spend half your waking hours working.

Shouldn’t you love your job? 

About Your Dream Job…

What separates a good job from a dream job often comes down not merely to salary and perks, but also to intangibles: the work environment, the organizational culture, the opportunity to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded for good work, and the alignment of personalities, values, lifestyle and career goals.

Sean Wilson is relational, collaborative and strategic. He understands the intangibles and how they align with your career and lifestyle goals. His goal has never been high volume placement, but rather, high quality placement with mutually rewarding results.

Sean walks alongside his candidates every step of the way to provide knowledgeable coaching and interviewing expertise. From providing resume design tips to crafting follow-up thank you notes, Sean’s goal is to promote the candidate’s talent every step of the way.


I take the time

to discover

what you want from your career.