Our story begins with an endangered porpoise.

Unique. Hard to find. Like that job or candidate you’ve been looking for…  

Why Vaquita

The vaquita is a small porpoise found in the extreme northern Gulf of California, in Baja California, Mexico. It is a unique species, with a body shape and color pattern unlike that of any other cetacean. Breeding only once every two years, they may well be extinct by the time you read this.

Extinction of a species is something Information Technology recruiters and professionals have cause to be concerned about. As technology increases, there are more IT careers and fewer IT professionals to fill them. The elite IT candidates who are considering a career move are akin to an endangered species – hard to find and not easy to recruit.

While there are many IT positions now, there’s an interesting paradox: According to recent studies, many IT professionals worry that in the not-too-distant future, they will design or program the artificial intelligence that ultimately replaces them, in effect, rendering their own services extinct.

The name Vaquita Intelligence speaks to this unusual situation, and to an innate instinct for mutual connection. For 28 years, Sean Wilson has navigated the sometimes murky and ever-changing waters of Information Technology candidate pools, hiring networks, and corporate cultures to find mutual connections.

Like the vaquita’s ability to use echo-location to see in cloudy waters, Sean has the ability to listen intently and innately understand what clients and candidates are searching for. These intangibles are often the difference between a qualified candidate and the right candidate, or a job that pays the bills and a career that’s fulfilling. Candidates who are prepared thoroughly and intelligently for an interview will execute confidently. Sean’s experience and commitment to preparation is documented by his references.