Somewhere in a sea of data lies the talent you’re looking for.

Good news is, we know how to fish.

How We Can Help

In the words of Marcus Buckingham, “The difference between a pebble and a mountain lies in whom you ask to move it.”

Business intelligence powers Vaquita’s search capabilities. Finding the elite candidate is a combination of data analytics, the resources of the Vaquita network, and perhaps most importantly, our personalized screening strategies. Vaquita Intelligence and its network focus on IT talent acquisition in Business Intelligence, Financial Trading, Software Engineering and Networking.

Client services include:

Recruitment Roadmap

 Establishing targeted recruiting strategies to ensure client goals are exceeded.

Talent Acquisition

Utilizing innate instincts, strong data analytics, and the Vaquita Network to attract elite talent.

Presentation & Interview

Cultivating trust with candidates while providing exceptional interview strategies. Collaborating with clients to meet expectations.

Negotiation & Transition

Managing both candidate and client expectations, and ensuring a successful transition.

Our Service Philosophy

Proven recruiting and sourcing acumen. Quality technical talent. Authentic communications and service. That is our continued focus and strength to both our clients and candidates. 

Our desire has never been to place every fish in the sea, but rather, to transition candidates intelligently toward long-term career fulfillment.

With clients, our understanding of their organizational culture powers our ability to attract the elite talent that delivers on their investment.

We create an atmosphere of mutual respect by being honest, ethical, and relational.